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19 Apr 2018



Fight Human Trafficking through BE MY PROTECTOR App


Tenaganita and Change Your World are proud to launch the Be My Protector App  which fights human trafficking through crowd sourcing. The App is available for free on Apple App Store and Google Play.  Now everybody CAN SAVE A LIFE! 


Human trafficking, though not readily apparent, is a scourge that is pervasive in Malaysian society. It is commonly found in the form of sex trafficking, exploitative domestic work, forced labour , bonded labour, mail-order brides and child brides. In recent years human trafficking has also taken the form of cyber crime. With its heavy dependence on migrant workers, trafficking for labour contributes significantly to the crime.


Tenaganita has been involved in combating human trafficking since the organization was founded in 1991.  It has collaborated with government agencies including the Royal Malaysian Police to raise awareness of the problem, to rescue survivors and to bring perpetrators to justice.


In 2015 Change Your World, working with Tenaganita, launched the Be My Protector campaign, primarily through the social media, to reach out to more than 500.000 people to highlight the importance of fighting human trafficking.


The Malaysian government has declared its firm commitment to eradicate the scourge of human trafficking in the country and has taken various measures to achieve its avowed target of achieving Tier 1 status by 2020, in the Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report by the US state department. Six special courts with experienced judges are being established to deal with human trafficking cases,; the first such court was set up in Klang last month.   However a major challenge encountered in successfully prosecuting perpetrators of the crime, is the apparent difficulty in defining the crime of human trafficking in operational terms and in identifying victims of the crime.  It is anticipated that as public prosecutors work through the full implications of the ANTI-TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS AND. ANTI-SMUGGLING OF MIGRANTS ACT 2007, the number of successful prosecutions under the Act will rise significantly to reflect the magnitude of the problem. 


The Be My Protector App offers each Malaysian the opportunity to report cases of human trafficking, labor violations and child exploitation, anonymously and quickly to reliable, experienced case workers in Tenaganita 

The app is available in eight different languages, allowing foreign nationals within Malaysia to directly report cases of exploitation.  Be My Protector App also provides location services, the ability to share the app, contact numbers for professional agencies and the latest news about the fight against human exploitation 


The creation and launch of the Be My Protector App which facilitates the participation by ordinary people, makes Malaysia one of the few world leaders in the fight against human trafficking.

Thank you.

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