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12 May 2016

A loud shout-out to ISKL (International School of Kuala Lumpur) Students against Human Trafficking! Last year, Tenaganita conducted an awareness session with 120 5th grade students in (ISKL). The listened so attentively , in fact we were so amazed with their thoughts and creativity.

Right after, a group was formed among these lovely children who were interested, they created a website on human trafficking to raise awareness on the issue and approached Tenaganita to inquire as to how else they can assist with the work we do. This is one of the email they sent to us; -

Dear Tenaganita,

Our group at ISKL was exceedingly inspired by your presentation. We are designing a website with information on human trafficking so people will know and understand more about this topic. For our project we were wondering what your organization might need in terms of sharing information about your cause. With this information we will be able to spring into action. We are continuing to research about human trafficking so we understand the problem it is posing against humankind. Please tell us what will help your team come to greater success in the fight against human trafficking. Thank you for your cooperation.

Best Wishes

ISKL students against human trafficking

So as a follow up, we worked on a strategy to raise funds for Tenaganita Shelter and the residents. They also decided to raise awareness among teachers and parents, while asking them to donate some money as well as wash cars!

THEY RAISED RM 978.55, for the our shelter! They are such adorable, brilliant and hard working student. We were so proud to collaborate with them! Thank you so much for working so hard in collecting this amount for us - your contribution will save lives and bring them hope to live again !

A special thank you Ms Bernie Williams for facilitating this initiative with the student and Tenaganita!

Though I am literally taking a quote from Whitney Houston / George Benson:)

it is simply the truth , and I see it in these children " I believe the children are our future, Teach them well and let them lead the way"

But above all, it is so crucial to create awareness among children everywhere as predators and traffickers prey upon children who have the freedom to move around freely without suspicion. Children who are most vulnerable are those who do not have a parent or guardian looking for them. Research points to direct parallels between socio-economic factors and risk for trafficking. Children who are raised in poverty or come from the foster care system are far more likely to fall victim to predators.

And the best way we have done this is to just tell them this

" There are people in the world who are kidnapped or sold by people they trust. That the people who take them do not treat them well. The kidnappers make them work doing jobs that are really hard or really hurtful to them. Sometimes they have to work all day and night, and sometimes the work is in places that aren’t clean or safe. They aren’t fed well or taken to the doctor. They aren’t kept warm or cool. They never see their families again and, if they have children, their children are also sold and not treated nicely. Their lives are very hard and they can’t escape very often "

Believe me..they know exactly what we are telling them, and then encourage them to speak about it to their friends - an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!!

5th grader at ISKL - Students Against Human Trafficking - YOU ARE SOOO AWESOME!!

Glorene Dass @ Das


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