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Location: Art Printing Works (APW), Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Start Date: Aug. 9, 2016, midnight

End Date: Aug. 13, 2016, midnight

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A Glimpse Into the World of Human Trafficking

SK!N: A new work in contemporary performance based around true stories about Human Trafficking

Two years ago, award winning theatremakers TerryandTheCuz started working with Tenaganita on a project called SK!N - a multi-faceted performance inspired by true stories and actual events of people who had become victims of human trafficking. This issue is of global concern, transcending geographical boundaries with chilling similarities shared between persons whose situations in life have led them down this unfortunate path. It has been an eye-opening, soul challenging journey and one that they feel compelled to share with as many people around the world as they possibly can. 

In collaboration with Australian-based performance maker Ashley Dyer, the team pen a compelling script that brings audiences into the world of human trafficking through an experiential journey that is both engaging and insightful. 


SK!N is a raw, challenging and thought provoking exploration that focuses on the plight of human trafficking victims whom are far too often overlooked. The power of this production is delivered by a passionate cast and is underscored with the realism of trafficked persons’ accounts. SK!N is created and devised by Terry andTheCuz in collaboration with international and local artists: lead artist Ashley Dyer (Australia) and performed by Malaysian artists Suhaili Micheline, Wong Jyh Shyong and Lee Ren Xin. Sound designed by David Franzke (Australia).


The world premiere of SK!N will take place at Art Printing Works (APW) Bangsar from 9th - 13 August 2016 before touring internationally in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Hong Kong. TerryandTheCuz are also hoping to then be able to take the performance to audiences in Europe and America. Tickets for the Kuala Lumpur performance are available at Part of the ticket sales will be channelled to fight human trafficking worldwide through TerryandTheCuz's Malaysian community partner, Tenaganita and their counterparts in the countries where the show is performed. 

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“Bold and electrifying choreography that conveys a sense of urgent desperation and frustration […] SK!N did an achingly beautiful job portraying the physical and mental torture refugees are often subjected to” - The Penang Monthly (Malaysia) September 2015

“SK!N is a powerful work. I respect the level of dramaturgical integrity in the piece -- one group doesn't even see the 'performance' and instead is led around blindfolded. The three different group experiences succeed in theatrically capturing three different aspects of trafficking horrors." Alison M Friedman, Director, Ping Pong Productions, Beijing China.

"SK!N by TerryandTheCuz was one of the highlights of my 2015 Festival" - Joe Sidek Festival Director, George Town Festival.



TerryandTheCuz is currently fundraising to enable them to take this project globally. Every pledge will be a long-term investment in helping them bring this work and its message around the world. If you are interested in supporting them, see their crowdfunding effort on Kickstarter via this link: 

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